Helping you Buy, Sell and Manage your Collection.

Every collector is different and deserves a highly customized approach. New collectors may wish to explore the art world by visiting galleries and artist studios with Susan Petr Goren, privately consulting with her as they refine their own tastes and preferences to collect with confidence.  More experienced collectors may prefer to rely on SPG Art Advisory to polish their collections, to search more efficiently and to properly care for and manage their artwork. Ms. Goren's goal for every client is to make building an art collection an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Artwork infuses private residences with the owner’s personality and panache, creates a distinctive and elegant home, and may serve as an investment.  Likewise, locating the right art for a firm or business enhances not only the environment but also promotes a culture, sends a message, and reinforces an image. 

Clients frequently appreciate Susan Petr Goren's guidance in the following areas:

  • Budget development
  • Visits to artists’ studios, gallery tours, fine art fairs, and access to museum artwork for sale.*
  • Purchasing at auction
  • Research and due diligence
  • Pricing and negotiation
  • Commission of site-specific works of art

*Ms. Goren does not represent artists, thus there are no limitations or conflicts when it comes to finding the right art for each project or space.

You can be highly involved and join gallery tours and artist studio visits, or you can build your collection from the comfort of your office or home.  Always keeping in mind your goals and budget, SPG Art Advisory distills the field of artists and helps you make informed, smart decisions.


Selling artwork can be an intimidating prospect.  It can be difficult finding a buyer for artwork in addition to obtaining the best price for your treasure. 

Susan Petr Goren‘s 25 years of experience in the business of art can help you develop an effective selling strategy.  Whether it is a specific auction house, a gallery that specializes in your artist, or perhaps a private sale, SPG Art Advisory will identify the best outlet to sell your artwork or collection.  Different art demands specialized review and placement for optimal selling results.  


The management of an established collection requires a thorough understanding of value, aesthetics, and the proper handling and protection of artwork. SPG Art Advisory is a full-service firm that can assist you in every area of managing your artwork, including:   

SPG Art Advisory will assess an existing or inherited collection by researching and cataloging artwork to help determine what should be sold, retained, or donated.  

Presentation is critical to proper exhibition and enjoyment of your artwork. 

  • Installation – SPG Art Advisory works in tandem with shippers, framers and installers to prepare art for installation and then oversees the installation process.
  • Placement – Finding a new wall for a work of art that has been in a collection for years can invigorate a space and make artwork feel fresh and new. SPG Art Advisory can optimally place existing pieces in a corporate or residential setting while successfully incorporating new artwork into a collection. 
  • Framing, Pedestals and Lighting – The perfect frame or pedestal to accentuate your artwork is critical; lighting, often overlooked, is also essential.  SPG Art Advisory can recommend proper archival museum-quality framing to ensure the longevity of your artwork without damage, or locate custom order difficult-to-find pedestals for optimal viewing height.

Protecting an established collection requires attention to detail. SPG Art Advisory can oversee or advise you in areas such as shipping, insurance, appraisals, cleaning and restoration.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh